MOXI – Core

Do you miss the longing,
which you had back in the days?
Do you miss the feeling, the feeling of last night?
Do you miss the time, where everything was great?
Feel the energy, get into it, move, listen to your instincts and overcome the obstacles.
An energetic construction, sounds you think that have been extinct melt together to form a harmonically track, which convinces mainly due to the unique interaction of piano and strings. As soon as the drop hits, the synthesizer are taking you to a faraway place. A place where you instantly have a smile on your face and burst out of all the energy.
Dive into it, experience yourself anew and take off.

A melodic masterpiece, with synths and a bouncing bassline, MOXI works with uplifting piano chords and orchestral music. The track “Core” brings electrifying energy!

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